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The Method

TBB is a deeply cathartic, hybrid fitness method, infusing boot-camp style cardio with yoga influences to create a natural high and stronger, leaner body.

Throughout this music-led journey, positivity and self-awareness is awoken, inspiring you to overcome any physical and mental limits. This unique practice is opened and sealed with deeply nourishing meditations that create a

lasting sense of connection and calm.

Through regular classes, pop-up, online and private sessions, the Train Body Brain™ method delivers wellness to workplaces, members clubs, events and homes

across London.

Distilling all of your essential wellness practices into just one hour, the Train Body Brain™ fitness method is designed to support the stressed and revolutionise people’s

physical and mental health.

"A Train Body Brain class is like having an hour-long session with your Personal Trainer, 

Yoga Teacher and Life Coach all at once. It's the perfect tonic for a busy lifestyle" 

- Tina Hobley, Actor - 

Get fit and chill

The Train Body Brain™ method builds resilience mentally,  physically and emotionally. 

Each class arms you with transformative self-care tools that allow you to live your life with ease. TBB puts you firmly in charge of your well-being and soothes the stresses of our often

hectic, modern lives.

The Magic Formula

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High Intensity Cardio

Just 20 minutes of this boot-camp-style exercise gives you all the benefits of a 60-minute run. High Intensity Cardio is like an espresso of exercise - it's the best way to integrate fitness into the fabric of a busy life, which is why it’s an integral part of the TBB method.

This heart-raising section of a TBB class creates a leaner, stronger, healthier body and floods the brain with feel-good endorphins and serotonin, burning off stress and delivering the benefits of a natural high!


Studies by Yale and Harvard have shown that meditation increases emotional awareness, calm, concentration and sleep. Meditation also decreases the volume of areas in the brain responsible for fear, anxiety and stress. This practice is therefore at the core of the TBB method.

Each class begins with a short, grounding meditation that awakens presence, as well as awareness of the body and connection to self. It allows you to drop-out of the busyness of your mind, attune to your needs and set your intention for the class.

The intensity of TBB’s challenging physical practice prepares the body and mind for stillness, paving the way for release and relaxation during the closing meditation. Knowing that many struggle with this practice, TBB offers guided meditations that support even those most resistant to slowing-down, creating space for deep nourishment and peace.


Cardio + Meditation
The Power Couple

A study from the State University of New Jersey found a 40% reduction in symptoms of depression among those who engaged in meditation with aerobic exercise twice weekly over a 2-month period.
It is findings such as these that inspired TBB's multifaceted approach to fitness.

Think Positive

Positive self-talk has been proven to increase

well-being and performance while decreasing stress. Science shows that self-compassion leads to improved psychological well-being whilst lowering the volume of self-criticism, depression, rumination and anxiety.

Each TBB class shines a light on your habitual, limiting self-beliefs and replaces them with kinder, more positive ways of thinking. This transformation in thought is a trademark of the TBB method and improves your everyday mental wellbeing.


Nourish, not punish

We live in ever image-conscious times but TBB's refreshing approach to exercise is about how it makes you feel, not how it makes you look. 

TBB is on a mission to meet the mental health epidemic head on with a class that provides mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in a one-hour session, and delivers benefits long after the class has finished.

All are welcome

TBB classes are not competitive or co-ordination heavy, and are designed to be inclusive and appealing to all fitness levels.

While the TBB method was originally designed for women, classes can be adapted to suit men's needs.

The Team

The faces at the heart of TBB


Wendy MacLennan


“I feel passionately that fitness should be an opportunity for everyone to not only support their physical health but also their mental and emotional wellbeing too.

I created Train Body Brain in 2016 in response to the alarming mental health statistics which were rife at the time and remain so. I wanted to devise a fitness method that delivers challenging exercises for your body, positive self-talk for your mind and deep meditations for your spirit.

We live in ever busy times and in just one hour, this a class serves the whole human, at every level of their being."

Ellen Finley

Lead Trainer

"With Train Body Brain, I get to utilise my skills and see the benefits that this program has on people’s mental and physical wellbeing. Mindfulness, mental and physical health and the idea of self-care are passions of mine that grew out of my dance practice - as a professional dancer these elements inform

my life every day!


I truly believe that mindful movement has the potential to transform people’s lives and empower them to see positive changes in their mental and physical health. I am delighted to be part of a team that puts these ideas into practice. Seeing the benefits of this work has given me a perspective into another approach to mindful movement and mental health. It is a wonderfully enriching experience."


Lindsey Prior


"Coming from a contemporary dance background, I am always looking for the ‘why’ in everything I do. I feel that the mediation in my TBB classes allows people to find that why, that intention and that space for themselves. And the reason why I am passionate about teaching exercise isn’t just for it's physical effects but the mental ones too. 

Combining High Intensity Exercise and Meditation allows us to look after ourselves in the varied ways that we require and allows us to hone in on the things our bodies need to live a fulfilled, balanced lifestyle."

Case Studies

88% of Train Body Brain™ clients found that just a short session supplied them with tools that support their mental wellbeing.

93% of Train Body Brain™ clients felt that the sessions were a weekly necessity.

86% of Train Body Brain™ students felt more centred and calm after their TBB first session.