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Train Body Brain offers regular and one-off fitness classes

as well as talks and meditations across London.

Sessions are given in the workplace, at members clubs and events, in schools, universities as well as private or small group classes in your home.

Workplace Wellness

The Train Body Brain method is a fast and effective way to create a happier, calmer

and more productive workforce.

This class combats stress and improves employees' physical and mental health. TBB classes de-stress, energise and release desk-bound bodies, whilst bringing calm, focus and positivity to the minds of each team member.

Poor mental health is estimated to cost the economy £70bn through lost productivity, social benefits and healthcare. With the powers of exercise and meditation widely researched and proven to be highly effective in improving mental wellbeing, TBB is all about mindful fitness.

For smaller spaces that cannot hold a signature TBB workout, Train Body Brain also offers bespoke talks, meditations and workshops which are in high demand for workplace wellbeing days and events.

Members Clubs

TBB’s expert trainers curate bespoke sessions and workshops at members clubs, either as a one-off event or weekly class. These challenging but therapeutic sessions leave members feeling luxuriously rejuvenated and nourished.

Bespoke Talks and Meditations

Female founder, Wendy MacLennan, also offers talks on wellbeing, mental health and the TBB method. She has been guest speaker on a variety of panels and interviews including the BBC, Sky News and the Reebok stage at Be:Fit Festival.

Pop-Up Events

TBB classes can be adapted to suit any event from festival to morning rave, from wellness workshop to party. These sessions are an uplifting, grounding and meaningful addition to any event.

Private and Small Group Sessions

TBB delivers tailored classes to you in the comfort of your own home. Our trainers use their expertise to create a bespoke experience to suit your needs. Nourishment in body, mind and spirit, delivered to your door.

Online Classes

TBB's online meditations and workouts help you meet the demands of life with calm, confidence and self-love. So, if you struggle to take time to nurture your body, mind and spirit then our online classes are for you!

These short sessions are designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules and are packed with practices that will leave you feeling grounded, uplifted, empowered and relaxed.


75% of all mental health problems start in adolescence which is why the Train Body Brain™ method was originally developed for teenage girls as a way of combating this much-reported teen mental health epidemic.

Mindfulness has been shown to improve concentration in today’s smart-phone era, whilst heart-raising cardio helps release endorphins and burn off the stresses of teenhood. TBB's focus on self-compassion and doing exercise for the mind rather than aesthetics, helps young people rebuff peer or media pressure to look a certain way. The TBB method is neither competitive or co-ordination heavy, making it an uplifting alternative to those that feel they are not traditionally 'sporty'.

TBB remains devoted to empowering the upcoming generations to be in charge of their own wellbeing. Education is at the core of the TBB offering as it's method and message is shared in schools, colleges and universities across London.