I am courageous.
 Elinor Cope, photographer

EliNOR Cope

Social Media and Photographer

As her name suggests, Eli is able to cope with anything that comes her way. She has limitless empathy for how it feels to be a teen girl, and a passion for all things that help nourish the body, brain and spirits of our Train Body Brain students. Eli helps to compose our brilliant TBB Monday Mantras and Wednesday Wisdoms. This is a young woman with a flair for fabulous photography and all things social. A real multi-tasker, too, Eli studies History at UCL alongside her TBB tasks. 

What would you say to your teenage self, knowing what you know now?

I would remind myself to keep a good balance of work, time with friends and me time. To enjoy my teenage years as much as I can with my friends and family, as that time growing up is so valuable and an amazing experience building relationships that are still going strong today.  

What are your best qualities?

I care a huge amount about my friendships and relationships, I try and be as caring and empathetic of others as I can. I also make a mean chocolate cake. 

What is the best advice you've ever received?

Just simply that you will get through everything, what is happening in this second that you think is the end of the world potentially you won’t even be thinking of next week.