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The growing numbers of young people receiving treatment for mental health disorders has been headline news over this year. More than a third of girls report symptoms of distress according to a major survey of 14-year-olds carried out for the Department for Education and 37% reported feeling unhappy, worthless or unable to concentrate.

Experts blame the multiple pressures teenagers face: academic stresses from school, pressures from friends and social media and worries about family life. As parents we’re often unaware of the anxieties our teenagers are suffering, and even if we are, we don’t always know how to help them.

Through my own experience of raising teenagers I’ve discovered the impact of regular exercise on wellbeing and mental health. I also seen that mindful meditation helps girls to build resilient minds. 

This has led me to develop a unique programme of classes for teenage girls which combine high-intensity interval training with positive messages followed by mindful meditation. The combination of serotonin release from the exercise combined with tuning out negative thoughts through mindfulness is powerful.

Girls leave feeling with strong bodies and resilient minds. It’s not about being skinny or curvy - it’s just about looking after our bodies and brains and empowering ourselves.

My classes are for girls aged 13-18 and run weekly in Primrose Hill, London on Mondays and Tuesdays and Framlingham, Suffolk on Fridays.

My 45 MINUTE classes are ABOUT YOU -  both in body and brain.

“I loved how Wendy changed the exercise move frequently which meant that I didn’t get at all bored throughout the class. I also enjoyed the mindfulness which I think is the best ending to a workout and helped us feel relaxed.” — Ella, Year 10, aged 1

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