Everyone has days where they feel low, and that feeling can be very strong and very deflating. In this class, we remind ourselves how POWERFUL we are. Our self-esteem boosting mantras will show you that even when things are tough, we take stock, give ourselves a loving hug and BOUNCE BACK stronger than ever! During our mindfulness we will be inhaling strength and exhaling self-doubt! This workout will leave you feeling rejuvenated and battle-ready for anything and everything that might be coming around the corner! 


This themed playlist is going to get you HIP HOPPING TO HAPPINESS. We will be busting out our best moves during the HIIT section, accompanied by a mixture of old school, as well as more recent, hip hop tunes. Even if you’re not feeling your best you will leave this class feeling 100 times happier. There will be a roomful of fellow TBB warriors to lift your spirits and help you power on through the week.


This workout is focused on releasing emotional and physical tension letting go of pent up stress in our monkey-minds and relaxing tight study-shoulders! Our mantras focus on FREEING OUR MINDS FROM WORRIES and during the mindfulness part of class we exhale our desire to control the future or see what’s in store, instead TRUSTING that the universe has a plan for us and whatever happens will be right for you.



This class's HIIT mantras focus on tearing down the limits we sometimes set for ourselves. Instead of thinking ‘it’s too difficult’ or ‘I’m not good enough’, we shout about how AMAZING we are and everything that we are capable of! When self-doubt is holding you back you can be your own best friend by giving yourself a reminder that you are invincible and capable of ANYTHING!  



LOVING YOURESLF IS THE GREATEST REVOLUTION! In this workout we emphasise everything we love about YOU. Teenagers – especially young women – are often encouraged to be demure and good, to take up less space and do what’s expected. This is not something that will fly in our book. The Self-Love Affair Workout highlights how unique and amazingly expansive we all are in our dreams and our potential for happiness. In the meditation part of class we breathe in self-acceptance and release that little inner voice that tells us we ‘should’ do this or that. Bring your best selves as you always do.