Denise Lewis OBE

Denise lewis OBE 

Retired British track and field athlete and Olympic Gold Medallist.

“Train Body Brain is such a great initiative for young girls to have access to, mental health amongst young people is at an all-time low in the UK and we have had limited practical support or solutions to offer them until now. Combining cardio and mindful meditation is genius and gives girls an opportunity to reconnect through the power of breathing techniques, together with healthy life affirming mantras and the natural endorphins associated with exercise. In highly stressful situations, where high achieving girls feel the need to excel at everything, they often neglect how much the anxiety is manifesting itself within them so taking part in a Train Body Brain session is a great way to let go. Speaking from personal experience, exercise can work wonders for a positive mindset and I really believe in and support the Train Body Brain mantra.”

St. Paul's Girls School London

“This class just ticks all the boxes. The mix of high intensity training, core
and strength work, alongside mindful mantras and meditation is unique
and something that our pupils have responded very well to. They leave the
sessions energised and most importantly feeling good about themselves.”

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Youth Engagement and Volunteer Coordinate @ CATCH 22 AXIS, The Hive London.

“We have never had a workshop like Train Body Brain before. The balance of fitness and mindfulness is great. Train Body Brain trainers have great energy and they understand our service to get the best outcome for our young people each session. Young people said Train Body Brain is fun, unique and has a positive energy.”



Train Body Brain Teen Ambassador & Croydon MP

"Growing up in the age of social media is not easy. As you are deciding who you are, you are faced with alternate views telling you who you must be, from the moment you turn to your phone or look at the television. TBB helps young people at some of  the hardest times of their lives to be free from the pressures of social media and negative opinions and simply be happy! TBB operates in schools as a club and also in the community to enable young people to take control of their lives by engaging in mindful fitness. Definite recommendation!"

 Jonelle Awo