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Online Classes

Making the busy
feel brilliant

TBB's online classes help you meet the demands of life with calm, confidence and self-love. So, if you struggle to take time to nurture your body, mind and spirit then our online classes are for you!

These short sessions are designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules and are packed with practices that will leave you feeling grounded, uplifted, empowered and relaxed.

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High Intensity Cardio Sections

Challenge not only your physical limits but also your mental limitations!

In just 10 minutes, this cathartic combination of movement, music and positive self-talk will empower you to release negative ways of thinking and reshape your outlook.

Pick your workout based on your needs and intentions. If you have a little extra time or want to go deeper, then why not combine two?

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Opening Meditation & Warm Up

Quieten your mind, awaken your body, and prepare to be physically and mentally nourished at every level of your being.

For a limited time only, this section comes FREE when you purchase any of our Cardio or Meditation sessions. Just be sure to add this complimentary section to your basket before check-out to receive our gift to you.


Meditations for relaxation & rejuvenation

Embrace that post-workout chill, let go, recharge and allow your body and mind to integrate the benefits of your self-care session.

We know how much some people struggle with meditation which is why we guide you throughout this 10 minute journey into deep relaxation and rejuvenation.