What is the Train Body Brain Method?

There is no choreography involved and classes suit all fitness levels, making our method inclusive and appealing to all, whether perceived as "sporty" or not. 

Each class begins with a dynamic warm up. As we warm up the body, the brain is encouraged to release any habitual negative thoughts.

This is followed by 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with powerfully positive mantras,  and then 25 minutes of strengthening and stretching.

The class closes with a 15 minute mindful meditation. Arriving in the present moment by simply noticing the breath. Train Body Brain meditations focus on self-compassion and letting go of anxiety.

The Train Body Brain Method leaves you energised, but with a feeling of peace and calm more typical of a yoga class than a high intensity workout.

Why do teenagers need the Train Body Brain Method? 

  • Inundated with images of the so-called 'perfect body' and 'perfect life' on social media, alongside the age-old stresses of school, exams and friendships, teenagers face many challenges in today's world.

  • 75% of mental health problems start in adolescence.

  • 37% of 14 year olds report feeling worthless, unhappy and unable to concentrate.

  • Rates of depression and anxiety among teenagers have increased by 70% in the last 25 years.


The combination of meditation and HIIT may at first seem surprising: HIIT is designed to increase the heart rate while meditation focuses on calming down the body and mind.

However, a recent State University of New Jersey research project showed that students who combined aerobic exercise with meditation twice a week over a two month period, experienced a 40% reduction in symptoms of depression.

This data is reinforced by what we find in girls who come to Train Body Brain classes: they feel calmer and happier after class, experienced reduced anxiety and low mood throughout the week.


Lily is so happy and relaxed after class!
— Lily's (Aged 14) Mother.
On a Friday before class I am drained from school and exercising feels like a drag. But when I get there, everyone’s enthusiasm rubs off on me! I like that I get to push myself while being in a relaxed environment among friends.
— Grace
I’ve tried a few exercise classes but this one was much more rewarding. I liked how there were different phases to the workout and ending with the mindfulness exercises gave me a chance to relax and cool down, leaving me feeling really positive and energised.
— Milly, 15