100% of Year 11 girls from a well-known London day school said they would like Train Body Brain Classes to be added to the curriculum after attending their first session!

I’ve tried a few exercise classes but this one was much more rewarding. I liked how there were different phases to the workout and ending with the mindfulness exercises gave me a chance to relax and cool down leaving me feeling really positive and energised.
— Milly, 15

Working with Schools

Schools are doing ever more to combat the mental health problems faced by today’s teens. Train Body Brain is one such method that schools can use to improve the emotional wellbeing and physical health of their students.  

Our unique combination of HIIT and mindful meditation help improve concentration, physical health and happiness in just a 45-minute class. Our focus on self-compassion and doing exercise for your MIND rather than your aesthetic can help girls rebuff peer or media pressures to be skinny or look a certain way. A recent study by the University of Exeter has shown that with high intensity interval training (HIIT), adolescents can achieve the health benefits of 60 minutes of physical activity in just 8-10 minutes of exercise. Mindfulness has also been shown to improve people’s diminishing attention-span in today’s smart-phone era. These are just some of the benefits that TBB can offer when taught in schools. 

While traditional team sports are fantastic for building relationships and keeping fit, TBB can offer similar benefits to students who may not be naturally ‘sporty’, or supplement team sports as a non-competitive way to blow off steam.

If you want to add Train Body Brain to your school's extra-curricular programme, P.E. or PSHE curriculum please email: 




It was relaxing and made me feel alive and positive. I feel ready for the rest of the day. The instructor was v optimistic
I loved it - perfect balance of work out and relaxation. I would love to join a TBB class
I loved it - I hate working out usually but this was fun
Fun, exciting, empowering, motivational
I enjoyed it as it was relaxing and helped me to be less stressed and also it was a fun way to workout and get fit
Refreshing, enjoyable, calming and relaxing
It was really fun to work out with friends, it made me feel more relaxed and empowered. I liked the cool down at the end as well.