the 21ST CENTURY APPROACH TO sport in schools

After attending their first session, 100% of Year 11 girls said they would like Train Body Brain to be added to the curriculum.

This class just ticks all the boxes.The mix of high intensity training, core and strength work, alongside mindful mantras and meditation is unique and something that our pupils have responded very well to. They leave the sessions energised and most importantly feeling good about themselves.
— St Paul's Girls' School, London


  • Inclusion for EVERY girl - including those who don't see themselves as 'sporty'.
  • We are a recognised supporter of This Girl Can, the nationwide campaign to get women and girls exercising.
  • The HIIT/mindfulness combo helps to improve concentration, physical health and happiness.
  • Mindfulness has been shown to improve people’s diminishing attention-span in today’s smart-phone era.
  • Our focus on self-compassion and doing exercise for your MIND rather than your aesthetic helps girls rebuff peer or media pressures to look a certain way.

If you want to add Train Body Brain to your school's extra-curricular programme, P.E. or PSHE curriculum please email: