Keira, Year 11 Attends Weekly TBB School Club
"Being a 16 year old, in the age of social media, it's not hard to compare yourself to everyone, who's go the best clothes? Who's got the most friends? You subsequently end up losing you- Train Body Brain has helped to re-discover me. Its helped me to find strength in more than my appearance, helped me focus and helped me learn to be kind to me. Its instilled in me a sense of determination and strength and ability surrounding sport that I never thought I'd discover coupled with meditation where I am able to focus inwards and see what really matters; me. Exercise for me was something that scared me, to make myself vulnerable enough to try my best physically terrified me. Train Body Brain has provided me with a judgement free zone where it was ok to be scared and ok to be vulnerable."


St. Paul's Girls' School
"This class just ticks all the boxes. The mix of high intensity training, core and strength work, alongside mindful mantras and meditation is unique and something that our pupils have responded very well to. They leave the sessions energised and most importantly feeling good about themselves." 


Facebook, New York
"As part of a global company wellness day - our team kicked off the days events with a Train Body Brain session. We were not only pushed to our cardio-vascular limits, but empowered by the positive mantras and meditations. We all walked away feeling the benefits of nourishing our bodies, brain and spirits- ready for the rest of the day. It acted as a very bonding experience for all participants - many of whom had not met each other before." 


The Hive London @ Catch 22
We have never had a workshop like Train Body Brain before. The balance of fitness and mindfulness is great. Train Body Brain trainers have great energy and they understand our service to get the best outcome from our young people each session. Young people said Train Body Brain is fun, unique and has a positive energy." 


Julie Evans, Leading Child Psychotherapist
Train Body Brain with it's High Intensity cardio work, mindful meditation, sense of fun and positive social interaction is the best thing I can suggest for the overwhelmed teenagers of today. 

"It was the most positive sports experience I've ever had - none of us could stop smiling!"


“I really enjoy the whole thing - I feel really calm and relaxed after doing it." 


“I felt properly exercised but also better mentally."


"Very positive - I'm the kind of person that needs motivation and I got plenty of that!"


"I really enjoyed the whole experience and how it mixed both HIIT workout and meditation."


"I forgot all about my work and worries!"


"I really loved it - it was really different and it definitely worked." 


"it was super refreshing and energising - so positive and happy."


"It was really fun to work out with friends, it made me feel more relaxed and empowered."