I’m on a personal crusade to meet the teenage mental health epidemic with a teen mental health revolution, available to everyone, no matter what their circumstances.
 Wendy MacLennan


Founder, Head Trainer

Wendy is Founder and Head Trainer of TBB as well as Mum of two teenagers. She is a qualified Level 3 personal Trainer, mediator and holds certificates in counselling, mindfulness and meditation. She trained in mindfulness and meditation with Lynn Koerbel (Director of Mindfulness Teaching at University of Massachusetts). Wendy devised the TBB method in 2015 when frustrated at not being able to find an inspiring fitness class for her own teenage daughter.

Wendy's philosophy is "why not multi task your fitness session?", and her classes reflect this. They aim to improve the mental health of all who take the class by nurturing the body, brain and spirit.

Expect to be taken on a journey of  self care and love through movement, meditation and mantras. Wendy views the High Intensity Interval section as Healing. So whilst doing such moves as burpees and mountain climbers expect to hear Wendy shouting mantras such as:  "You are enough, you do enough". Wendy is passionate that exercise doesn't just become another thing that teens/women/anyone beats themselves up about instead she sees it as a vital resource for supporting our mental health.

A mindful meditation tops and tails this unique hybrid of a class. Wendy curates a different playlist for each of her sessions and views this as vital to the journey of the class. Alternating from upbeat uplifting tunes to those that are more introspective.

When she isn't bounding about spreading the TBB word in schools, businesses, outreach classes in the community plus regular weekly classes for teens and women, she likes to relax with her husband and her own two teens who are the original inspiration for TBB - oh and not forgetting dog Bramble.

Sounds: Kings Of Leon, Stevie Nicks, Maggie Rogers, Drake, Muse, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Fleetwood Mac, The Chainsmokers, London Grammar.