Who is it for?

Who exactly does Train Body Brain cater to? Although Train Body Brain is designed for the mental health support of the perpetually misunderstood teen girl, our classes are available for adults and boys too.


ADULTS 18-80

It's not only teens who can take part in TBB... Although 70% of mental health problems begin in adolescence, that is not to say that adults can't suffer with stress, burn-out, depression and the works. Our new Wednesday morning classes in Camden are for anyone and everyone who once-was-a-teen - no matter how long ago it was. If you want to get a sweat on and centre your mind, you know where to go.



While HIIT and mindfulness are a far cry from football and rugby - the mothership of so many young boys - TBB for boys is increasingly popular. Boys' mental health so often falls by the wayside growing up as they face pressure to 'man up' - so often having to suppress their emotions and face the implications this can have on their mental wellbeing. Boys who aren't into traditional sports are often sidelined in school P.E., too. TBB allows them to have fun with their friends and be as silly as they like, while giving them the physical benefits of an hour's sport alongside the calming, grounding impact of mindfulness.



Teen girls are the original TBB students, and for good reason. Statistics on girls' mental health speak for themselves, and the numerous benefits of exercise during adolescence are an often underestimated remedy to a lot of the struggles our girls face. With body image problems particularly rife among girls, TBB is a unique opportunity for them to have fun working out in a totally safe and supportive space.